Geographical skills are usually taught as discrete or integrated skills and great emphasis is placed on direct experience and practical activities. Much use is made of the varied environments within the Bedales grounds, the local village and nearby contrasting locations.

Basic geographical skills are taught from Nursery (routes, directions and a sense of place for example). By Year 2 and 3 the children begin to learn how their home local area relates to other areas and countries, leading to the study of localities abroad. The children start to learn how to draw and interpret maps and develop the skills of research, investigation, analysis and problem solving. Through their growing knowledge and understanding of human geography, they gain an appreciation of life in other cultures.

In Year 3 the children have the opportunity to take part in a residential fieldtrip.

We have a strong emphasis on environmental awareness and we want the children to appreciate that everyone has a responsibility towards protecting our planet and understand that everyone can make a positive difference, however small or large. We help the children develop an understanding of our world and issues we face locally and globally. We enable them to recognize the importance of sustainable development, which plays a central role in the ethos of the Bedales Schools.

Our Eco Curriculum is divided into four main strands:

  • The Local Environment
  • The Global Environment
  • Endangered Animals
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Upcycle.

Each year the children vote have the opportunity to vote for an endangered animal, and they research different endangered animals and their habitats.