From the moment they enter the school, Bedales students are encouraged to take part in the wider life of the community.

They might choose to join a choir, orchestra or band, take part in theatre performances or write for a publication. They can attend a variety of talks and performances featuring our own students and an impressive programme of visiting practitioners and performers.

Bedales musicians


Through an involvement in a broad range of activities, students flourish in their own way.

The Activities programme is open to all students, who can choose from a wide range of cerebral, social and physical activities to follow an existing interest or try something new.

Sixth Form students take the opportunity to lead some of these activities and give back to the community that benefited them.

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Our sporting programme combines broad participation and enjoyment of regular exercise with competitive team sport.

We offer access to top quality coaching, outstanding facilities, a competitive spirit (but with strong emphasis on engagement and seeking individual improvement, at whatever level), and opportunities for gifted and talented sports players to develop elite skills.

The main sports for boys are football, hockey, cricket and tennis. Girls play hockey, netball, tennis and rounders. The more esoteric sports available include horse riding, aikido, skiing and sailing. School teams take part in county, regional and national competitions.

Sport at Bedales

Academic Societies 

Academic societies allow students to develop their interests, exchange ideas and engage in debate beyond the classroom. From maths to poetry and everything in between, students can either join an existing society or start their own.

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Voluntary service at Bedales

Voluntary Service

Our voluntary local service scheme might involve students helping younger children with reading at a local primary school or making a weekly commitment volunteering at a charity. 

We are constantly refreshing our programme of international volunteering and exchanges to make the most of new opportunities. Recent trips have included Africa, the US and India.

Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) at Bedales

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme


The Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award Scheme is a particularly popular option at Bedales, taking advantage of the school's location in the South Downs National Park, which stretches across Hampshire, West and East Sussex.

There are three levels of the Award: Bronze, Silver and Gold. These can be started when students are 14, 15 and 16 respectively. Many students progress all the way through to their Gold Award.

At each level there are four sections: Volunteering, Physical Recreation, Skills and Expedition, and for Gold only, an additional residential group activity. Qualified staff are responsible for overseeing the expedition training and students are themselves responsible for the other sections.

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