As part of our emphasis on educating the whole person – ‘head, hand and heart’ – Bedales Prep students can choose from a varied choice of extra-curricular activities, with specialist teachers taking activities such as musical theatre, rocket making and film club.

From swimming and squash to yoga and cookery, there is something to suit every child’s taste and interest. Activities, which vary from term to term, enable pupils to learn a new skill or extend their existing skills outside of the classroom whilst developing confidence and self-esteem.

Bedales Prep doesn't limit children's horizons, it offers the opportunity to go beyond them

Bedales Prep parent

Football training at Bedales Prep, Dunhurst

Activities, which are optional for day students, are available from Monday to Thursday at the following times:

  • Groups (Years 4-6) – 4.30-5.30pm
  • Blocks (Years 7-8) – 6-7pm

On Wednesday afternoon, students in Blocks 1 and 2 (Years 7 and 8) can also take part in the School’s community service programme.

On Friday, instead of activities, the day ends with a whole school assembly – known as ‘Jaw’ – where talks, lectures and performances are given by visiting performers and speakers. Jaw is followed by handshaking, a Bedalian tradition which sees students shake hands with every member of staff. A gesture of equality, agreement and mutual ground, handshaking is representative of the importance we place on relationships and the collaboration between its pupils and teachers.

Sample activity programme
Build A Business

Green (prep support)

Decoupage Art / Craft Club

Boxfit Fitness Club

Football Fashion Club
Origami Football
Karate Paper Cutting Crafts
Heroquest Karate
Touch Typing Paper Clock Making
Yoga Charge Touch Typing
  Boarders' Homely Time
Fencing Swim Squad Training
Dance Club Chess Club
Craft Design and Make Club
Cookery with Imma Fencing
Music Technology Club Dance Club
Squash Squash
Hockey Club Green (prep support)
Design and Make Club Boarders' Homely Time
Chess Club  
Lunchtime Scrap Book Journals  
Lunchtime Swimming  
Music Theory MRS (individual music practice)
GarageBand Music Club


MRS (individual music practice)  
Swim Squad Training Green (prep support)
Sign Language

Cookery with Imma

Film Club Fun and Games in Outdoor Work
Gymnastics Club

Gymnastics Club

Table Tennis Hockey Club
Cartoon Club

Chill out

Fun and Games in Outdoor Work Warhammer
Groups' 3i Club Lunchtime Swimming
  Boarders' Homely Time
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