Mathematics teaches children how to make sense of the world around them through developing their abilities to calculate, to reason and to solve problems.

At Dunannie, we want the children to develop into strong mathematicians who approach their learning with enjoyment and enthusiasm. Numerical skills and understanding, including the use of number facts, form a vital part of developing mathematical understanding, promoting confidence and competence with the number system.

We help the children to develop a secure knowledge of these facts and their application to mathematical problems in a range of contexts, allowing time for investigation and exploration. Through practical activities the children explore features of shape and space, develop measuring skills and an understanding of the ways in which data is collected and presented. Work in these areas sometimes takes place in the school grounds, which offer many fantastic opportunities for real life mathematical work.

Mathematics lessons regularly include mental arithmetic, practical work, playing mathematical games, use ICT and problem solving, as well as informal and formal recorded work. We relate Mathematics to real life through the use of project work and other events that are going on in school.

We plan our Maths provision using the Inspire Maths scheme. We also have an excellent range of mathematical resources and software programs to support teaching and learning. All children from Year 1 onwards are able to access a Mathematics computer program from home - Mathletics - to practise skills and concepts learnt at school.

Children are flexibly grouped when appropriate within their class, and teachers regularly review which group is most suitable for the children, taking into consideration the area of maths being covered prior performance, learning style and pace. There is an opportunity for additional support for any child that needs it.