At Dunannie, we encourage children’s artistic development from Nursery through to Year 3. They are given the space, time and support of skilled staff to help them develop their individual potential.

Children have access to, and use of, a wide range of tools, equipment and materials. They have many opportunities to express themselves using a variety of different media, such as clay, paint, textiles, drawing, weaving, sculpture, photography and collage. All children’s artistic expression is valued and encouraged. Children are taught specific artistic skills and the appropriate use of art equipment. Whenever possible, Art & Design is a cross-curricular activity drawing on – and being inspired by other subjects.

Visits to art galleries and venues further inspire and motivate the children and are an important part of the art programme in all year groups.

Working alongside established artists on projects is well established at Dunannie. We also introduce the children to the work and lives of key artists through time, and discuss art from mark-making to modern artists like Hockney and Eliasson.

There are opportunities for children and staff to use the specialist art facilities and work with the art staff at Dunhurst. As they progress through Dunhurst and Bedales, pupils can specialise in particular aspects of the arts.

Ideas for design are drawn from a wide range of project based work and first hand experiences. Children are encouraged to explore ideas and design with a design brief or purpose in mind, adjusting and adapting their work as it develops. Sometimes they will work on individual projects, designing a powered boat, or rocket complete with light circuitry, for example. Other work might be collaborative, using team design and construction methods.

They learn a wide range of design techniques and processes. The children also learn about food and cooking from Nursery through to Year 3.