There are government expectations that schools should support students to be resilient and mentally healthy and should provide a safe environment that nurtures strong mental health. Rather than being one single, isolated aspect of school life, comprehensive and effective pastoral care underpins a student’s entire experience at Bedales, whether they are a day student or a boarder.

Bedales aims to support and teach skills to students to increase their awareness of emotional health and wellbeing, as well as their resilience, through the Wellbeing programme. These sessions aim to be reactive as well as proactive so that new and developing trends in culture are taken into consideration and uniquely, it is developed and delivered in consultation with the student body. For example, emerging issues of e-safety and social media are covered, as well as sex education and body image.

The key to the Wellbeing programme at Bedales is to encourage a student’s sense of value as an individual, their responsibility towards others and their ability to make increasingly good decisions that will stand them in good stead now, and for later life.

Bedales Wellbeing

Past External Speakers

Jeremy Thomas, 'How to stay sane in an insane world' (3 November, 2017)