Science is the process of finding out about the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the world through investigation. Science teaches methods of enquiry which stimulate creative thinking. This reflects the Bedalian tradition of learning through exploration and experience – 'head, hand and heart'.

At Dunannie we seek to develop the child’s scientific awareness and understanding of the immediate and wider environment, through observation, investigation and evaluation.

Class teaching always involves the use of the immediate environment, orchard, pond area and gardens in addition to the wider Bedales estate. We have strong links with Bedales and benefit from the expertise of science teaching and resources from other parts of the school. For example, experts from the Physics department have helped with rocket demonstrations and visits to the Chemistry Lab inspire our investigations into changes of state and gases.

Science teaching includes a full range of practical investigations and tasks, class-based research, experiments and demonstrations. Cross-curricular links are made whenever possible. Visiting experts also bring science to life in imaginative and exciting ways.

We provide opportunities for children to be curious, and experience and explore the world about them with all their senses. Children learn about science in order to:

  • Know and understand the life processes of living things
  • Know and understand the physical processes of materials, rocks, electricity, light and natural forces
  • Know about the nature of the solar system, including the Earth.

We encourage the children to think scientifically as they plan and carry out scientific investigations, through observing, questioning, communicating and evaluating evidence. They learn to present their conclusions clearly using appropriate scientific language. Open-ended tasks extend more able children.

Children are encouraged to use equipment correctly, and realise the effect they have on the things around them, living and non-living, which helps to promote a sense of responsibility and awareness of the world around them.