At Dunannie we have a purpose-built, networked computer suite and we use standard Microsoft applications as well as age appropriate software and web-based applications to support teaching and learning across the curriculum. There are also computers in the classrooms and joint spaces.

Each class has access to an Interactive touch-screen Whiteboard with audio-visual facilities enabling the whole class a range of other technology to support extended learning including iPads, sound recorders, digital cameras, microscopes and data-loggers. Through teaching children how to use these tools effectively we provide them with the means to actively participate in our rapidly changing world.

Children are encouraged to use ICT adventurously, learning new skills through the results of their exploration and gaining the confidence to explore further.

We encourage persistence, resilience and evaluation in their learning and in their use of technology. We aim for our children to become digitally literate; able to use technology to express and develop their ideas.

Children are encouraged to use computational thinking developing skills which enable the analysis, abstraction and generalisation of ides. The ICT curriculum at Dunannie is broadly based on the NC guidelines and covers three areas of study; Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy with staying safe online embedded across these stands.

All the classes have lessons that develop these ICT skills and use technology to complement and enhance other areas of the curriculum in imaginative and exciting ways. For example, Reception may use their digital camera to take pictures of sculptures around the Bedales Estate and then use the whiteboard software to make a map of their route with pictures.