The name of the Association is the Bedales Parents' Association (BPA). 

Where the word 'School' is used below it means Bedales Senior, Prep and Pre-prep, unless otherwise stated.

The Association comes under the auspices of the School, which is a registered charity. The funds of the Association are and will remain restricted funds held within the accounts of the School.


The object of the Association is to advance the education of the pupils of the School by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education in the School. In furtherance of this object the Association may:

  • foster more extended relationships between the Staff, parents and others associated with the School; and
  • engage in activities, including but not exclusively, fundraising, which shall support the School and advance the education of the pupils attending it; and
  • advise the Leadership and management and the Board on parent reaction to proposed strategic and infrastructure development through regular consultation.


Membership is automatically conferred on all parents who have children in the School, to guardians of children attending the School and to members of the Staff with children attending the school. Parents whose children have left the School and former members of the Staff may continue as associate members and shall be entitled to the same privileges as ordinary members except that they shall not be entitled to vote on any matters.