Drama and Dance enable pupils to use their imagination, intelligence, empathy and courage. They can express themselves, communicate ideas and emotions, and work together effectively as they discover the power of performance.

Because Drama is a social activity that demands interaction and collaboration from the pupils and staff it is a fine example of the Head Hand Heart that formed the founding principles of the school. As a subject it explores themes and issues that directly impact the lives of the pupils thereby contributing to their personal development. The performing element enables them to develop their self-esteem and confidence when working with others.

Fundamental to our approach to Drama is a sense of playfulness and creativity. Acting skills are prized and appreciated, yet so are ideas, empathy and engagement. Theatre making in all its aspects can be explored and the pupils have the opportunity to explore whichever area they wish. Above all it is about what magic can be achieved when people embark on a project together.


Emil and the detectives
Emil and the detectives
Emil and the detectives
Emil and the detectives

Create, collaborate, perform, enjoy

  • We create a safe space for the pupils. 
  • We play lots of Drama games that enable the pupils to relax, focus, engage, build their confidence, make them laugh, compete for fun, enable them to characterise. 
  • We demand creativity by asking the children to think for themselves, and to question and imagine.
  • We build performance skills through acting exercises
  • We emphasise the collaborative nature of the subject by working in small groups to perform short plays and sketches.
  • We explore issues and ideas and incorporate them into our work.
  • We discuss, we reflect and we offer constructive ideas.
  • We laugh a lot, yet we can be serious in our intent.
  • We deeply care about what we do. 

Head of Department

Simon Kingsley-Pallant, Head of Drama and Dance