It is an inclusive setting that supports all children as they take increasing responsibility for themselves and their actions, and consider the welfare and wellbeing of others. 

Staff act as role models for positive behaviour and good manners. There is a consistent approach to encourage positive behaviour. 

The children helped devise the ‘Be Values’ which are based on caring behaviour. These are understood by the children and implemented by the teachers and used throughout the whole school. Bullying in any form is unacceptable. We teach values and attitudes which foster mutual respect and caring between children and teachers. 

It is vital that teachers and parents work together as a team. Families can support the schools aims by informing of us events at home (a new sibling, moving house…) which may affect a child. 

The school has an 'open door' policy and staff are always happy to talk with you.

We also keep in touch through weekly newsletters, as well as class presentations, concerts, assemblies and regular parents' evenings.