Bedales students have a reputation with universities for their independence of mind and have frequently offered unusual academic and personal profiles in their application for courses.

Our top higher education destinations are a diverse mix of Oxbridge, Russell Group universities and art colleges. Bedales students therefore arrive at a similar place to those in more formal education settings. They have just taken a different route.

Many of our alumni remain actively engaged with the school, returning to offer advice and support for the students following in their footsteps. We make the most of Bedalians’ willingness to learn from each other and to share experiences. 

In this section of the website, find out more about exam resultsuniversity destinationsProfessional Guidanceinspection reports and Bedales Assessed Courses as an alternative to GCSEs. Also included is information on how Bedales is working with Harvard researchers

There is also detailed information on subject areas and the the curriculum in Years 9 - 11 and the Sixth Form.