Students in 6.1 (Year 12) have the opportunity to undertake a self-directed project on a topic of their choosing under the guidance of a member of staff acting as their mentor or supervisor. 

Over the course of the first two terms, the student must produce a dissertation, report, artefact, performance or design. Additionally, they must make a presentation at the end of the Spring Term.

Rather than being outcome-based, the assessment is process-orientated, making this a qualification in project management rather than in a specific project area. The transferable skills gained are valued by university admissions tutors and experience of this course may add a useful dimension to university applications. Assessment is made according to the following criteria:

  1. Management and planning
  2. Use of resources
  3. Development and realisation
  4. Review and reflection (includes the assessed presentation)

While the end product must be work of at least A Level standard, the assessment criteria make it clear that the primary focus is on the continuous process of doing the project itself. Students may undertake projects as part of small groups, but they must have well defined and separate roles within each group.

Each Extended Project student is expected to see their supervisor at least once per week. Fortnightly classes with the rest of the cohort allow development of important transferable skills including project management techniques, presentation skills and strategies for effective research.

The project is submitted after the second term and is assessed internally in the same way as traditional coursework. It is then submitted to the examination board for moderation and allocation of final grades.

Awarding Body: OCR, grades and UCAS points equivalent to half an A Level
Extended Projects Coordinator: Jo Mayhook-Walker