• Sixth Form

A Level Business

Do you have the desire to run your own business or hold a managerial position one day? 

Opting for Business A level will give you the skills and information required to understand how businesses are created, managed and become successful.  The new A Level Business course has been updated to reflect changes in the business world such as the digital economy, and the growth of global business.

Business is a dynamic course, which investigates the practical application of business concepts by exploring events in the business world and relating these to business theories and practice. The course studies how businesses function and looks at the work of various departments such finance, human resources, marketing and production. Assessment is at the end of the two year course and takes the form of three two-hour exams which contain data response and open ended questions.

The course comprises four themes:

- Theme 1: Marketing and people
- Theme 2: Managing business activities
- Theme 3: Business decisions and strategy
- Theme 4: Global business

Further detail can be found on the Edexcel website here.

Examining Board: Edexcel
Head of Department: Michelle Cooke