Day students at Bedales play a vital role in school life, and have the same curricular and co-curricular opportunities as Boarders.

The Day Common Room

The Day Common Room (DCR) is a lively and supportive space at the heart of the school, which serves as a base for Day students. However, As Day students and Boarders are fully integrated, it is an area where everyone is welcome.

As well as housing Day students’ lockers, students visit the DCR to study, play table football, ping pong, board games or challenge each other to a game on the Nintendo Wii.

For those students looking for a quieter environment, the Bat Cave is a smaller room just off the DCR, complete with sofas, cushions and rugs.

Wednesday afternoons

Wednesday afternoon is a time when students have more flexibility to choose what to do with their time. 

Like Boarders, Day students can use the time to take part in sports fixtures, practice an instrument in the Music School, visit the Pizza Shack in Outdoor Work to buy delicious wood-fired pizza, complete voluntary service, head into Petersfield with friends, or simply relax in the DCR.

Day students are also welcome to head home for the day after their last school commitment.

Pizza Shack at Bedales

Day House Council

The Day House Council gives Day students the opportunity to get their views heard and make suggestions, meeting regularly to discuss matters in order to improve the day-to-day experience for Day students. 

In previous years the Day House Council has helped to oversee and plan the redecoration of the Bat Cave and introduction of new planters to improve the DCR’s outdoor space.

Day House staff

The Day Houseparents provide pastoral support and guidance for Day students in their care. They work closely with each other, as well as students and their families, school colleagues and other agencies to support students and oversee the DCR.

The Day Houseparents are Olly Hoult, Jo Mayhook-Walker and Kevin Boniface.