Fees 2022/23
Registration Fee & Acceptance Deposit

Registration fee

Payable on registration and non-refundable: £200

Acceptance Deposit

Residence within the United Kingdom
  • A £500 deposit is required to confirm an offered place at Dunannie Nursery. A further £500 deposit is required to progress to Reception class.
  • A £1,000 deposit is required to join Dunannie, Dunhurst or Bedales at any other point of entry.
Residence outside of the United Kingdom

In addition to the standard deposit of £1,000, an additional deposit is payable by the parents of pupils whose normal residence is outside the United Kingdom:

  • Dunhurst - £8,195
  • Bedales - £12,380
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Dunannie Nursery

View information for prospective parents (including the minimum sessions your child must attend) here.

Option Session times Cost per term
Morning 8.30am-11.45am £482
Full day (with Early Years funding) 8.30am-3.30pm £482
Full day 8.30am-3.30pm £668
Daily supervised lunch £72
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Bedales Pre-prep, Dunannie
Year group Per term Per year
Reception £3,680 £11,040
Years 1 and 2 £3,720 £11,160
Year 3 £4,855 £14,565
+ -
Bedales Prep, Dunhurst
Year group Per term Per year
Group 1 (day) £6,245 £18,735
Groups 2 and 3 (day) £6,360 £19,080
Blocks 1 and 2 (day) £6,920 £20,760
Half boarding (3 nights) £8,190 £24,570
Boarding £9,195 £27,585
Flexi boarding £51 per night
+ -
Bedales Senior
  Per term Per year
Day £10,515 £31,545
Boarding £13,380 £40,140

Fees cover tuition and pastoral care costs for the standard curriculum, food and accommodation, laundry, use of the facilities, travel for most sports and games, and personal accident insurance.

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Music Fees

The standard charge for Music Tuition on an instrument or for singing is £36 per 35 minute lesson.

Parents will be invoiced in arrears for lessons received in the previous term. The normal expectation is that 30 lessons will be offered during the academic year. These will be billed at 10 per term and any adjustments to reflect the number of lessons actually received will be carried out at the end of the academic year.

Bedales, Dunhurst and Dunannie - price per instrument per term, based on a 35-minute lesson
Package A - One instrument £360 per term
Package B - Two instruments £720 per term
Package C - Three instruments £1,080 per term
Package D - Four instruments £1,440 per term

Musical instruments can be hired from the school. Further details are available from the Music Department.

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Learning Support

Extra tuition may be provided for pupils requiring learning support or English as an additional language. Parents will be advised if such tuition is required and the charge will be based on a recommended number of lessons.

Per 30-minute lesson
Individual £35.64
Shared (2) £22.22
Group (3+) £15.51
Dunhurst and Bedales
Per term
Level A £415
Level B £750
Level C £1,075
Level D £1,410
+ -

The first six counselling sessions are paid for by the school. If after this period, further sessions are recommended by the counsellor, they are charged as follows:

Dunhurst and Bedales
Dunhurst (35 minutes) £21 (based on £36 per hour)
Bedales (50 minutes) £39.16 (based on £47 per hour)
+ -
Extra Lessons

Extra activities and excursions will be charged on an individual basis.

Specialist languages (e.g. Japanese)
Per 35-minute lesson
Individual £39.00
Shared (2 students) £22.00
Group (3+ students) £13.60
Per 30-minute lesson
Individual £33.00
Shared £22.00

Ballet or modern; tap is also available at Dunhurst only.

Per 35-minute lesson (Dunhurst only), charged in arrears
Individual £32.00
Group* £13.50
Per term, for 45-minute lessons charged in advance and based on 10 lessons per term
Individual £410.00
Group £125.00
Per 30-minute lesson
Individual £15.90
Per 60-minute lesson
Individual £32.00
Shared (2) £19.00
Group of 3 £12.80
Group of 4 £10.30
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Minibus Service

A morning minibus service operates along three main routes, as well as a collection from Petersfield Station, for pupils at Bedales, Dunhurst and Dunannie. Find out more about the minibus service, including how to book a place, here.

Termly charges for a seat on the minibus which will allow a pupil to use the service every day are as follows:

Petworth route
Pick Up Point Pick Up Time (AM) Cost per term
The Square, Petworth 07:05 £205
Tillington bus stop 07:10 £205
Bepton Road bus stop, Midhurst 07:20 £185
Three Horseshoes, Elsted 07:30 £165
The White Hart, South Harting 07:37 £165
Rogate 07:47 £165
Arrive at Dunhurst / Bedales 08:15 / 08:20  
Birdham route
Pick Up Point Pick Up Time (AM) Cost per term
Main Road, Birdham 07:05 £205
Northgate car park, Chichester 07:15 £205
Westbourne 07:30 £185
Staunton Arms, Rowlands Castle 07:55 £185
Arrive at Dunhurst / Bedales 08:15 / 08:20  
Winchester route
Pick Up Point Pick Up Time (AM) Cost per term
King Alfred the Great statue, Winchester 07:00 £205
Bramdean Garage 07:27 £185
Cheriton Monument 07:35 £185
Hinton Arms 07:40 £185
Alresford (opposite Co-op) 07:45 £185
The Ship, Bishop's Sutton 07:50 £185
Layby opposite Shell Garage, Ropley 07:55 £185
Hedge Corner 08:05 £165
Arrive at Dunhurst / Bedales 08:15 / 08:20  
Petersfield station
Station Entrance 08:15 £65

Please note it is not possible to offer a seat only on certain days.


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Other Charges
 Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (including dental accidents)

All students are automatically included in this insurance scheme and there is no premium to pay as it is included within your fees. If you would like further information or need to make a claim, please download the relevant forms below and return to the Finance Office.

Fees Refund Insurance Scheme

This scheme covers you for the cost of school fees (apart from the nursery) should your son or daughter be absent from school for a period of 8 or more consecutive days due to illness.  The premium for this cover is 1.05% of the school fees.   If you are new to the school in September or if you now wish to join the scheme, please download the information leaflet and an application form below and return to the Finance Office.

Pupils’ Personal Effect Insurance

We cannot take financial responsibility for your son or daughter’s personal possessions and the School is not able to reimburse you or claim on its own insurance policy for any loss or damage. The school offers a policy which enables you, for a premium of £7.73 per term, to insure all of your son or daughter’s possessions. Please download an application form below and return it to the Finance Office.

Non Payment of Fees Charges

Returned/Unpaid Cheque or Direct Debit: £20.00 per transaction

Interest on late payment of fees: 1.5% per month

Please see the School's Terms and Conditions for further information about the payment of Fees and extras. 

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