Bedales hosts innovative conference

Bedales Senior

Bedales School hosted a conference on 21 June for teachers interested in developing innovative teaching practices. The event was attended by 60 educationalists from 15 institutions, 13 of which were state primary and secondary schools.

Teachers and school leaders from across the country shared their innovative projects and the changes they are implementing. Topics for discussion included curriculum, assessment, sustainability, diversity and digital learner profiles. Delegates spoke to heads of department and students of innovative Bedales Assessed Courses in English, Global Perspectives, Outdoor Work, and Fashion; delegates heard how the School offers such courses in a range of subjects as a broader more inspiring alternative to GCSEs to better equip students for A Level study and beyond.

The event was organised in partnership with Big Education, a multi-academy trust and charity that shares Bedales' desire to transform the education system to ensure young people receive a balanced education of the head (academics), heart (character and wellbeing) and hand (problem solving, creativity, making a difference). 

Bertie Cairns, Deputy Head (Academic) at Bedales commented: “We enjoyed hosting this event to provide space for teachers to explore innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Bedales teachers were happy to showcase our Bedales Assessed Courses as a broader more inspiring alternative to GCSE.  Delegates were struck by the diversity of assessment and many felt it fundamentally shifted their thinking about what is possible. We were also able to learn about the many other innovations made by schools on the Next Big Ten project to inform our own practice.”  

Liz Robinson, CEO, Big Education added: “It was a joy to be at Bedales for the finale of our ‘Next Big 10’ project. This was a chance to bring together like-minded educators from across the country to share, explore and challenge. Bedales was the most perfect setting, bringing a generosity and authenticity to the whole event.” 

Big Education’s ‘Next Big Ten’ is a two-year rolling project which supports state and independent schools who want to innovate and provide a genuinely more holistic education. 

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