Amy Meadows
Amy Meadows
Old Bedalian 1992

When did you leave Bedales and what did you do next?

I left in 1992 and then graducated with BA Geography and Anthropology (First Class) from the University College London in 1996. I then went on to receive an MA (Gender and Development) from Sussex University in 1998.

What is your current role?

Communications consultant on public health, environmental and social justice issues. Founder of the Judi Meadows Memorial Fund – a suicide prevention charity.

In what way did your time at Bedales influence your education and career progression?

Bedales approach is very special and I feel it has strongly influenced my outlook on life. Bedales instills self-belief and a confidence that you can achieve whatever you want in life. That remains with me to this day. I’ll pursue whatever and wherever my heart takes me. I think Bedales also avoided prescribing any sense of the ‘expected’ life path. I look around the many OBs I still have as friends and we represent such an eclectic range of jobs, achievements and interests. Few have made decisions based on what they thought they ought to do. My sense is that is different from what you might find amongst other school leavers. Bedales also expertly fosters an understanding that we are all equal. And that everyone has something to offer. I feel Bedalians have an ability to look anyone in the eye and represent themselves. This has stood me in very good sted in the varied professional and personal situations I have been in.

What is your fondest memory of Bedales?

Bedales provided me with the place, and the space, to enjoy an idyllic childhood that I feel so privileged to have had (especially given the far from desirable school experiences of the majority of people I meet). It’s impossible to pick out just one, or even a few, fond memories as I have so many. I will be forever grateful to Bedales for the lifelong friendships I continue to enjoy.

What is your favourite pastime?

It depends on the season and my mood. Currently I can’t get enough of exploring the Dorset coastline and countryside with my family and dog.

What is your proudest achievement?

My 20 year relationship with my husband. My children. My friendships. My charity. Being an Olympic torch bearer!