Stimulating interest and a sense of wonder in the world

Our community is one of inquisitive thinkers, and History and Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (PRE) develop these skills in individuals with an underlying sense of community. In this sense of the word, community spans both time and place.

Through our topic choices we foster interest in national and international affairs. History is all about stories, the figures of the past still live in a history classroom; we develop the pupil's love of the past which is rich in lessons that can be learnt. PRE is all about self, the world and our place within it. The two subjects sit naturally alongside each other with plenty of overlap.

History is relevant to the present and future, it helps us understand human behaviour and characteristics. PRE nurtures skills and understanding that can help an individual develop into a well-rounded person with an open-minded world view.

Communication, exploration, analyse and understand

  • Communicating their knowledge and understanding through writing, speaking, listening and doing
  • Exploring key events from the past
  • Debating issues from the past that can affect the future
  • Analysing historical sources
  • Understanding people's beliefs and faith systems
  • Being able to ask relevant and searching questions
  • Developing moral and ethical understanding

Head of Department

Steve Jeggo, Head of History & PRE