• Sixth Form

The A Level Digital Photography course, delivered within the Art department, will provide the scope and framework for students to develop key skills and prepare them to work independently through personal projects and collaborative projects across the school.

The course is built around formal elements of image making, including composition, lighting, image manipulation and print. Students will be introduced to the use of camera equipment and lenses, lighting, exposure techniques and digital manipulation. Subjects that will be considered, but not limited to, will be portrait, landscape and still life. Students will be asked to develop personal projects to create a portfolio of images, expressing their creativity and artistic journeys.

There will be a contextual component to the course where students will study photography in the context of Art History and students will be expected to research significant artists and photographers alongside their practical work and through written essays as part of the final submission of course work.

Photography A Level has many exciting strands to it and will suit students interested in communicating ideas through imagination and imagery; to compel, challenge, inform, and entertain.

Examining body: OCR
Head of Department: Daniel Preece