Discovering the past, preparing for the future

Humanities is an essential part of the Groups’ broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum. In Groups (Years 4-6) humanities lessons work across the four main disciplines of History, Geography, Global Awareness and Philosophy, Religion & Ethics (PRE), but in an integrated topic led way.

Humanities encourages children to discuss and debate complex questions. Pupils will explore the past, present and future and encourage curious individuals to express their opinions and appreciate that their ideas and beliefs may differ from others. In examining philosophical questions we develop young and enquiring minds and create a zest for knowledge of the world around us.

Humanities develops a wide range of 21st century skills that create global citizens equipped for the modern world.

Debate, investigate, think and explore

  • Through inquisitive thinking
  • Debating ideas and issues
  • Investigation of key themes
  • Practical application through making and doing
  • A themed Humanities Day each year
  • Strong emphasis on equality both in and out of the classroom and the wider world
  • Encourage discussion and exploration

Find Curriculum information for Blocks (Years 7-8) pupils on the History and Philosophy, Religion & Ethics and Geography and Global Awareness pages.


Danielle Dale, Head of Geography & Global Awareness
Steve Jeggo, Head of History & PRE