Ella Clayton Bell
Ella Clayton Bell
Old Bedalian 2010

1. Any kind of further study you undertook after leaving Bedales, and any qualifications that you gained.

  • Art Foundation - Camberwell College of Art UAL
  • BA Theatre Design - Wimbledon College of Art UAL
  • Acting Part Time - Rose Bruford College

2. What kind of work you are currently involved in, and how and why you came to be doing it.

I am currently pursuing acting and have been for the past year. When not acting I work at a venue called Aeronaut in Acton, London where I waitress and sing. I also do events work. I always wanted to perform but never had the confidence to do it. I decided half way through my degree that I wanted to pursue it but I wanted to complete my degree first. I then found the course at Rose Bruford which has given me the contacts and the knowledge to hopefully make acting into a full time career.

3. Whether being at Bedales has helped you in getting to where you are now, and how satisfied you are with what you are doing.

Bedales gave the facilities for me to be creative, I was never very academic but at Bedales I never felt bad about that. I truly thrived when being part of a play or the rock show or when making art. I'm still not quite where I want to be but I’m definitely on the right track. 

4.  Any other interesting activities or occupations that you have been involved in since leaving school.

I play the ukulele and post videos of me playing and singing on YouTube. I've written a few different plays and hope to one day put together either a one woman show or an ensemble piece. I also worked as a performer at The London Dungeons for six months. 

(Summer 2018)