Florence Robson
Florence Robson
Old Bedalian 2010

1.  Any kind of further study you undertook after leaving Bedales, and any qualifications that you gained.

After Bedales, I read English and Spanish at the University of Oxford (with a year abroad teaching English in Madrid) and gained a 2.1.

2.  What kind of work you are currently involved in, and how and why you came to be doing it.

I'm a writer and editor, working for startups, non-profits and other organisations (although I also do the odd piece of journalism). After graduating, I spent a year working for a tiny startup called Global Graduates, which is designed to encourage British students to study languages and spend time living abroad. I now have three roles which I balance: Creative Editor of a data science consultancy called Starcount, Editorial Manager for a non-profit called The Female Lead (which makes women's stories more visible to provide inspiring role models for young people) and Copywriter for TEDxLondon, the London branch of the TED media organisation. 

3.  Whether being at Bedales has helped you in getting to where you are now, and how satisfied you are with what you are doing.

I love what I do! Bedales definitely helped in giving me the freedom and flexibility to balance lots of different interests at once (a glance at my degree and my career will prove I struggle to pick just one thing at a time to be working on). The creativity of the Bedales environment is something I've sought to replicate ever since and I'm naturally drawn to work that allows me to make a positive difference, which I think is an impulse that emerged while I was at Bedales. And, of course, there are so many teachers to whom I am infinitely grateful. 

4.  Any other interesting activities or occupations that you have been involved in since leaving school.

Most of my occupations outside of work are still related to the Arts, unsurprisingly! I co-founded a literary magazine for emerging women writers called Salomé Literature and am an active member of women's writing group Write Like a Grrrl. I also still participate in the Stansted Players every summer, with a gaggle of OBs!

(Summer 2018)