Julien Beynon
Julien Beynon
Old Bedalian 2006

Have you undertaken any kind of further study since leaving Bedales and have you gained any further qualifications?

After Bedales I undertook an Economics (BA Hons) degree and a Masters in Financial Management (Merit); these were both taken at Durham University. I am currently studying for my CIMA qualification (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) and have two years of this qualification remaining.

What kind of work are you currently involved in, and how and why have you come to be doing it?

Currently I am the Finance and Operations Manager at a small, start-up insurance recruitment consultancy. This came about due my interest in finance and accountancy. I hope to help this company grow to its full potential and ideally become CFO in the next few years!

Did attending Bedales help you in getting to where you are now and how satisfied are you with what you are doing?

I was always interested in Maths and I found that the Maths teachers at Bedales were always willing to help and give encouragement. The teachers gave me huge support to pursue my course at Durham and for that I will always be thankful. Whilst I never planned on growing up and working for a start-up, I am constantly learning and facing new challenges which I enjoy and am grateful for. 

Have you been involved in any other interesting activities or occupations since leaving school?

During my Masters I started to learn Mandarin and I hope to use this skill in the future; ideally I would like to live and work in Asia for a couple of years. Since leaving Bedales I have also worked in Paris, Mexico City and Shanghai which have all opened my eyes to understanding new cultures and different ways of life.