Kit Onslow Smith
Kit Onslow Smith
Old Bedalian 2008

Have you undertaken any kind of further study since leaving Bedales and have you gained any further qualifications?

I am in the process of gaining a PPE degree through the Open University, and I also study Mandarin at Shanghai Jiaotong University during the evenings.

What kind of work are you currently involved in and how and why did you come to be doing it?

I have been living in Shanghai for the last five and a half years, mainly working in magazine editing and copywriting in wine and other luxury industries. I also work part time at my wife's company, which specialises in providing wealthy Chinese people with British etiquette training, private household management services, and school placement services, depending on what the clients need. I came to be doing all of these things mostly by accident, it was primarily a question of identifying and taking opportunities as they arise, based on my skill-set.

Did attending Bedales help you in getting to where you are now and how satisfied are you with what you are doing?

Errr... yes and no. I'd say the most valuable things I learned from going to Bedales were not lessons I grasped at the time. I think Bedales helped put the ducks in a row for me to become a well-rounded person (which is something I value a lot), but that didn't happen while I was there. I am satisfied with where I am now.

Have you been involved in any other interesting activities or occupations since leaving school?

I’m trying to export some classic Land Rovers from Myanmar to the UK at the moment (there are many gorgeous pre-junta cars there), we'll see how that works out.

(August 2016)