Leading at the end of the year: Keith Budge in EDEXEC

Posted on 04th July 2016

Keith Budge, headmaster at Bedales School and Chair Elect of HMC for 2017-18, shares his thoughts at the end of the year as he gears up to gear down...

Two working weeks left to the end of the summer term and the mental audit of the independent school leader goes something like this:

Appointments: It’s time to get the final bits of leadership architecture in place for next year. People want to know exactly what is expected of them well before the end of term, but circumstances ("events"...) don't always allow the timing to be so neat and ideal. Will the changes that you have made bear fruit and mean that the new or re-jigged leadership position does what you expect?

Year on thoughts: You see someone you appointed a year or two years ago in action. There was something of a battle to get that person in post or, perhaps, you created the post for them: what has s/he delivered? Was it worth it? Has your vision been realised?
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