Thinking outside the box - schools breaking the mould

Bedales Senior

Bedales and new head Magnus Bashaarat feature extensively in an article on progressive independent schools in School House Magazine.

The article considers what is available to parents keen to explore alternative educational opportunities for their children – a departure from the narrow academic offer: schools that celebrate the individual, less rules-driven, the highly creative, outdoorsy, or informal.

Bedales is one of a number of schools featured, with founder John Badley identified alongside Rudolph Steiner and Maria Montessori as an educational pioneer, reacting against “the grim disciplinarianism of the Victorian Era” and ushering in an approach to education in which the child really mattered.

“BACs (Bedales Assessed Courses) are cited as an example of the school’s contemporary pioneering spirit, and Magnus makes the case for moving away from the traditional nine or ten GCSE route, and for the need to keep the Sixth Form offering relevant to careers in new and exciting industry sectors”.

The full article be read here (PDF version) with thanks to School House Magazine; also available on the School House website here.

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