The school is committed to developing a growth mindset approach to learning; this involves praising effort before achievement. An important part of our approach is to instil a lifelong love of learning amongst our pupils.

At four points in the year, teachers contribute grades for each subject together with a comment for each child; these grades inform discussions with pupils and parents.

Additional support is available in all classes so that pupils get the help they need throughout their learning. We offer a wide range of in-class and extra-curricular activities for pupils of all gifts, talents and interests to pursue their skills in an inquisitive and independent manner. Pupils may be set individual preps and class work, be involved in independent projects and be asked to attend workshops or particular events. Lessons in English as an Additional Language are also available.

In the first three years, much of the pastoral care of the Groups is the responsibility of the class teachers who see the children for approximately half of their timetable. Blocks’ pupils have a personal tutor who guides them through their academic progress and monitors their general welfare in weekly tutorials. The support network of house staff, tutors, teachers, parents and school counsellors is extremely effective; however, the school has found that some pupils prefer to talk to fellow pupils. Our Peer Listening scheme offers yet another way for pupils to express any concerns and encourages them to find their own solutions.