At Dunhurst, we offer a wide range of in-class and extra-curricular activities for pupils of all gifts, talents and interests to pursue their skills in an independent and inquisitive manner.

Our approach aims to encourage pupils to push and challenge themselves, and recognises that a pupil’s ability can grow and develop over time.

3i programme

3i stands for ‘Intelligence, Initiative and Individuality’ and derives from a phrase coined by Bedales founder John Badley.

The 3i programme is open to any pupil who nominates themselves. Teachers and tutors can suggest a pupil joins the programme if they believe it will be beneficial. At Dunhurst, parents can also nominate their child.

At Dunhurst, pupils can access puzzle sheets and articles, which are refreshed at regular intervals, via the 3i board.

Pupils are also invited to record their attendance at 3i events, including attendance at talks, undertaking challenging work or organising pupil-led intellectual talks. Those who take part in a significant number of events are eligible for 3i rewards at the end of term, such as a board games night or a trip.


Our approach to scholarships align closely with our aim “to develop inquisitive thinkers with a love of learning who cherish independent thought”.

The scholarship programme is honorific and aspirational, enabling pupils to play a key role in the daily life of the school whilst furthering their aspirations and working closely with their peers.

At Dunhurst, scholarships are available at 10+ (Music) and 11+ (Academic, Music). Find out more about scholarships here.