Every student at Bedales studies Global Awareness as part of the PSHE programme. 

Bedales is unique in the UK, in making Global Awareness part of the core curriculum rather than simply an 'extra'. Since introducing Global Awareness, Bedales has used the Harvard Education School / Asia Society definition: Using 21st Century skills (critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration and communication) to understand and address global issues. 

Designed in collaboration with both students and other academic departments, the Global Awareness BAC is horizontal rather than vertical – connecting to many other subjects but occupying its own place and addressing issues that have traditionally been absent from the secondary curriculum. The emphasis is on Politics, Economics and Law, making this both an excellent introduction to the global mindset so greatly sought by universities and employers and a useful foundation for A level subjects such as Politics, Economics, History and Geography.

Block 4, Term 1

What is Global Awareness?

Global Issue 1: The Status of First & Indigenous Peoples

  • How can a study of First Peoples help to develop a global perspective?
  • What is lost when indigenous cultures are lost?
  • How does our own tribal identity influence our perspective?
  • What does it mean to be human?

Assessment: practice data response question

Global Issue 2: Human Rights

  • What are human rights?
  • Who needs human rights & why?
  •  Why is poverty “the worst human rights violation in the world today”?
  • What are the best ways to help people out of poverty?
  • Why does it make economic sense to invest in women?
  • Why is education one of the best ways to protect children’s rights?
  • How can the media help to protect human rights?
  • How do the most successful campaigns get people’s support & money?   

Assessment 1: Data response question on Human rights, journalism and advocacy campaigns (10%)

Term 2

Global Issue 3: Global Public Health and human Rights

  •  What are the top stories in Global Public Health?
  •  Why haven’t we eradicated more diseases yet?
  •  Why is vaccination the most effective way to improve global health and alleviate poverty?
  • Why is Paul Farmer so angry?
  • Why is pain worse in some parts of the world?
  • What can a case study on FGM teach us about global health and human rights?

Assessment 2: Poster on a global health threat & gallery walk (10%)

Global Issue 3: The Arms Trade

  • What is the significance of the global arms trade?
  • What is the role of the UN?
  • What can a case study on landmines teach us?

Assessment 3: Write a position paper on why greater action should be taken to control landmines (10%)

Term 3

Global Issue 5: Peace and Conflict

  • What happened in Rwanda in 1994?
  • Why did the Genocide Convention fail?
  •  What roles did the media & public opinion play?
  • What was the legacy?

Global Issue 6: Social innovation & entrepreneurship

  • What are social innovation / entrepreneurship?
  • What can case studies of some of the most successful innovations teach us?
  • What can case studies of some of the least successful innovations teach us?
  • Why do some ideas get funding while others don’t?

Assessment 4: Social enterprise pitch (10%)

Find out more about Bedales partnerships with schools all over the world to help facilitate learning about Global Awareness.

Head of Department: Abigail Wharton