Denis H Christie, 14/4/1896-21/9/1918
Dunhurst 1905-07, Bedales 1907-1914, Signal Corps, Royal Sussex Regiment

Denis was the younger brother of Richard Colin Christie, who was killed in December 1915 and is commemorated elsewhere on this site, where details of the family history can be found.

From the Bedales Record, 1918-19:

“D H Christie was at School from 1907 until the outbreak of the war.  He enlisted as motor-cyclist despatch rider, and as Corporal was sent out to Flanders in 1915.  After much service there he was sent to a Cadet School, and obtained a commission in the Royal Sussex in 1917, and again saw much service in France. He was killed on 21 September 1918, in a very severe engagement.  A Captain in his regiment, who went through it with him, wrote to his brother afterwards saying how little anyone in such hard fighting could tell just how his death took place.  ‘Briefly, we took our objective, were outflanked and cut off, and had to cut our way back, your brother was killed in the general melée that occurred.’”