Assessment - Opportunity for generational change

Academic & Curriculum, Bedales Senior

Head of Bedales Magnus Basharaat is quoted extensively in an article published by The Christian Science Monitor on alternative assessment methods for UK school qualifications.

The article explores the growing movement for reform, further motivated by the chaos caused by the pandemic, and enthusiasm for new models. The campaign Rethinking Assessment, on whose advisory group Magnus sits, has argued that government’s current obsession with assessment by examination means that students leave school with only a partial record of their strengths, which overlooks vital attributes and is of limited value to employers.  Meanwhile, the article notes, universities in the United States are increasingly dropping test requirements.

The pandemic, and the cancellation of examinations, has seen students assessed by a variety of alternative methods, with teacher judgement key. Magnus believes this more central role for teachers has potential, and promises results that are more accurate and fair.

With a return to terminal examinations expected in 2022, Magnus proposes that the present situation offers an opportunity for generational change “because the pandemic and the reaction to it can liberate you to make these absolutely decisive and grand changes, and change the architecture, forever.”

The full article can be accessed on the CMS website here.

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