Through an intricate support network of teachers and tutors, our students are encouraged to develop their own lines of academic argument. Discussion actively engages minds and spurs on inquisitive thinkers. It also means students are well prepared for life beyond Bedales.

Students are pulled, not pushed, towards learning. This creates an environment in which they want to achieve their best. Qualifications are almost a by-product of the learning process. Bedales students arrive at similar destinations (A levels and universities) as those in more formal educational settings. They have just taken a different route, such as through pursuing Bedales alternative to GCSES - Bedales Assessed Courses (BAC). We urge students to follow their natural curiosity. They have a huge range of chances to engage with subjects that interest them, both in and outside the classroom: just see the magazines they produce that connect academic enthusiasms to the outside world – for example, in science, geography, creative writing. Find out more about our subjects.

As students progress, they're helped to organise their own time and we guide them in developing their own sense of discipline and academic motivation. Students meet with their tutors at least once a week and have one-to-one sessions fortnightly. By providing structure and support, we encourage independence and responsibility to grow from an early age.