Peter Clement Layard, 7/6/1896-23/8/1918
Dunhurst 1905-07, Bedales 1907-1914, Suffolks

A fuller account of Peter’s life and war service will appear soon.

Obituary from The Bedales Record, 1918-19

“Peter Clement Layard was at the School from 1907 until the beginning of the war, when he obtained a commission in the Suffolks.  He was wounded in Flanders in 1916, and on his return to duty was made temporary Captain.  In the Spring of 1918 he was specially recommended for Staff work, but the demands of the heavy fighting that Summer called him back to the front.  On 23 August, after leading his men to the successful capture of a village, he was killed by an enemy sniper while giving aid to a wounded German.  A fellow officer wrote of him: ‘ He was a great soldier, gallant in action, and greatly loved and admired by his men.’"