Mea Wade
Mea Wade
Assistant Director of Music and Deputy Houseparent, Bedales Prep, Dunhurst

BA AKC King's College London
MA dipRAM Royal Academy of Music
PGCE Institute of Education London

What makes a good teacher at Dunhurst?

A good teacher at Dunhurst is someone who is interested in inspiring their pupils to love their subject as much them. For me, I feel it’s important that everyone can feel the joy and love of performing music.

What are you trying to encourage and instil in your pupils?

To be curious about the world, to instil a love of learning and to develop the skills to think creatively.

Apart from your teaching role, what else do you get involved with at the school?

I’m involved in the many concerts, plays and shows we put on at school. I’m also a Deputy Houseparent, so you can find me every other night on West Flat playing games, eating waffles or watching movies with the boarders. 

In your opinion, what makes Dunhurst special?

Dunhurst gives the space for its pupils to truly be themselves and to foster their own passions be it fashion design or baroque recorder playing. We also have a wonderful atmosphere at school, where it truly feels like a big family.

What is your best memory of Dunhurst?

I love our Badley Day celebrations where the whole school (along with their families and dogs) walk up to the Poet's Stone to sing and perform some poetry. It’s very special having everyone up on the top of the hill looking over the South Downs together.

Tell us something not a lot of people know about you.

After studying at Chetham’s School of Music, I decided go and study Geography at university, travelling to Hong Kong to research urban street trees.

Mea Wade
Mea Wade