Will Bray
Will Bray
Head of PE & Sport and Head of Groups (Years 4-6), Bedales Prep, Dunhurst

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science, University of Chichester
PGCE, Physical Education, University of Chichester
Ma Education, University of Chichester

What do you love about your subject?

Teaching a variety of subjects is what I love most, as there is never a dull moment. Racing from the football pitch back in time to the reign of Queen Victoria, to the swimming pool, to mapping out Francis Drakes’ circumnavigation of the world or planning a sci-fi story. Each day brings something new.

What is special about teaching at Dunhurst?

The range of opportunities and freedom to teach creatively and provide fantastic opportunities to the pupils, who fully embrace the chances they get. We recently had the whole of Group 2 dressed up as Victorian school children for an afternoon. The majority of pupils take part in huge amounts of extra-curricular activities and take full advantage of what is on offer, leaving the school with a full and varied experience.

What is you most treasured Dunhurst memory?

Winning our U13 cup match on penalties after extra time. Up against a very evenly matched team, the Dunhurst players worked so hard for an hour and 15 minutes. They were shattered at the final whistle but managed to pick themselves up to win the penalty shootout. I was so impressed with their grit and determination. They were ecstatic after the match!

What advice would you give to a Dunhurstian?

Without doing so much that you burn out or compromise your academic work, make sure you take full advantage of what is on offer and don’t miss an opportunity.

What do you get up to when you are not being a Dunhurst teacher?

I have two young girls who take up the majority of my time when not at school. I love going on family days out and chasing them round the house when I get home in the evenings.