Shaun Ritchie
Shaun Ritchie
Head of Economics, Bedales

BA, University of Essex
PGCE, University of Greenwich

What makes a good teacher at Bedales?

Teachers who love their subject, have excellent subject knowledge, set high expectations and who treat students as individuals. 

What are you trying to encourage and instil in your students?

An interest in learning that goes beyond the classroom, and the confidence to ask the right questions.

Apart from your teaching role, what else do you get involved with at the school?

It’s early days but I am a keen cyclist and regularly play tennis and would aim to support the school in these areas.

In your opinion, what makes Bedales special?

The people and the culture, the grounds are beautiful and the facilities are first class (including the food!) but the way things are done at Bedales is unique.

The development and progress of students at all levels.

Tell us something not a lot of people know about you.

I was a Devon and Cornwall Judo champion in the 4 stone 10 lbs weight category (age 9?).